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14-30 Broadway
Long Island City, New York 11106


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Evangelos Ab Class of 1989
Sally Abd El Aziz
Zulakah Abdul Class of 1975
Shoshana Abolafia
Toby Abrams Class of 1971
Karla Abrantes
Adolfo Abreu
Cristiana Abreu
Yumna Abueluf Class of 1998
Yumna Yummy Abueluf Class of 1998
Margarita Acevedo Class of 1983
Sonya Acosta Class of 1962
Juan Acosta Class of 1992
Rosa Acosta Class of 1983
Rosario Acquista Class of 1972
Katherine Acuria Class of 1984
Shaianna Adams Class of 2011
Sangita Adhikari Class of 2013
Ruby Aftab Class of 1981
Sophia Agag Class of 2013
Jorge E Agedo Class of 2010
Jorge E Agredo Class of 2010
Stephen Agresti Class of 2002
Veronica Aguilar Class of 2007
Javier Aguilar Class of 2012
Lleanna Aguilar Class of 1978
Pedro Aguilar Class of 1992
Karen Aguilera (aguilera) Class of 1998
Estefani Aguirre Class of 2008
Paula Aguirre Class of 1991
Fozan Ahmad Class of 2014
Semanti Ahmed Class of 2014
Sayef Ahmed Class of 1995
Rokibe Ahmed Class of 2008
Farhana Aktar Class of 2011
Nice Akter Class of 2008
Rima Akter Class of 2009
Nazmin Akther Class of 2002
Alan Albaban Class of 1983
Virginia Albano Class of 1966
Janet Albino Class of 1973
Linda Alborelli Class of 1960
Nancy Alborelli Class of 1966
Veronica Alborelli
John Alexaides Class of 1988
John Alexiades Class of 1988
Alfredo Alfonso Class of 1983
Amir Ali Class of 1994
Sheikh Ali
Achraf Alkadri (alkadri) Class of 2005
Patricia Allen
Serina Allen Class of 1990
Phillip Allison Class of 1999
John Altini Class of 1978
Lillian Alvarado Class of 1994
Sandra Alvarado Class of 1981
Omaira Alvarado Class of 1994
Oscar Alvarez Class of 2001
Hortaleza Alvin Class of 1994
Reza Amanollahi Class of 1987
Elaine Amatruda Class of 1959
Michael Ambrose Class of 2007
Susan Amera Class of 1961
Luis Amigon Class of 2011
Julia Amoedo Class of 1959
George Amores Class of 1983
Sophia Anastasopoulos Class of 1989
George Anastasopoulos
Yohance Anderson Class of 2000
Norman Anderson Class of 1999
Alexander Andolfi Class of 1959
Renata Andrade Class of 2005
Jose Andrade
Richard Andriella Class of 1963
Gina Andux Class of 1984
Catherine Anemis Class of 1978
Fitz Anglin Junior Class of 1982
Maureen Angulo Class of 1982
Leslieanna Anna
Ray Annese Class of 1963
Andrea Annis
Lavista Anthony Class of 1982
Marie Antonelli Class of 1955
Estrell Antonio Class of 1986
Omer Anwar Class of 1992
Joyce Anzalone (Marinas) Class of 1978
Joseph Apice Class of 1976
Imer Apolonio
Irene Apolonio Class of 1990
Robert Apple
Sue Apter Class of 1969
Mylene Aquilato Class of 2003
Rosa Arancibia Class of 1996
Monica Arango Class of 1987
Diana Arboleda Class of 1992
Angela Arcabaccio Class of 1976
Louie Arcila
Dominic Paul Ardizzi Class of 1975
Alexander Arencibia Class of 1998
Martha Arenthens Class of 1961
Marion Argondizzo Class of 1978
Maria Argyris
Peter Argyris Class of 1988
Carol Arias Class of 2005
Glassiel Arias Class of 2008
Jessica Arias
Marie Arienzo Class of 1951
Omar Arista Class of 2003
Chandrawatie Arjoon Class of 1989
Judith Arkus Class of 1955
Edwin Armas
William Armstrong Class of 1955
Laura Arndt
Thomas Arnold Class of 1957
Jennyfer Arroyave Class of 2007
Michelle Arroyo Class of 1998
Naim Arslani Class of 1992
Fatima Arslani
Frances Asaro Class of 1962
Attilio Ascani Class of 1982
Georgia Asonitis Class of 1986
Olympia Asselanis (Skinas) Class of 1978
Eduardo Astudillo
Steve Atha Class of 1963
Joyce Atkinson Class of 1965
Josephine Augello Class of 1978
Virgilio Austria Class of 2009
Rosemarie Avena Class of 1985
David Avitabile Class of 1980
Maria Axiotis Class of 1972
Sandra Ayala
Carlos Ayala Class of 1988
Celsa Ayala
Yvonne Azoon Class of 1954
Joe Azzara

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