Remembering Steve  Papandreou Memorial for Steve Papandreou Class of 1973

Steve passed away on March 1,2008. He died suddenly. I cannot put into words how much his death has affected all of us. I would like any of you who remember him to write a memory or something about him. He was one of a kind. He had a heart of gold for those he loved. We recognized too late how alike we were and how much we enjoyed each others' company. He died too soon to see grandchildren, but he had 5 sons 1 daughter with three wives. Steve lived his life his way. He did not want to live his life with restrictions. He smoked too much and drank too much, but he also laughed so much and loved so much. People loved Steve even if they didn't like him. That wonderful smile and that mischief has left us. I'm sure his jokes and sense of humor will amuse Heaven too.

Aphrodite Papandreou

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